OOOThere are all sorts of ideas out there about what American politics should look like. Perhaps you have some of your own. Some have been codified into law, others remain the dreams of reformers (and derefromers, to coin a phrase). Some are listed below.

Department of Justice Civil Rights Division - Voting Section: Includes Introduction to Federal Voting Rights and the applicable statutes.
Election Assistence Commission
A creature of the Help America Vote Act of 2002, the EAC sets standards for and assists states and local governments in the holding of federal elections.
Federal Election Commission: Administers and enforces federal election laws.

Federal Election Campaign Finance Laws: access to current laws governing federal campaigns and elections.

House of Representatives Campaign Booklet: The House Ethics Committee's election rules for its members.

Ballot Access News

Advocates greater access to ballots by minor parties, as well as proportional representation and campaign finance reform.

Black Box Voting & Black Box Voting

A first for us — two unassociated sites of the same name (one's an org, the other a com); but both strident critics of computerized voting.

Brennan Center Democracy Program

Seeks to "strike the balance" between effective funding and maintaining the independence and integrity of elected officials.

Campaign Finance from The Hoover Institution

History, Supreme Court cases, summary of bills, current structure of campaign finance reform from a conservative perspective.

Campaign Finance Institute

Studies, analyses and the latest news on campaign finance issues.

Campaign Legal Center

Watch-dog and advocacy group concerned with enforcement of campaign and media laws. Detailed and indepth.

Center for Voting and Deomcracy

Addresses a range of issues, but is a chief advocate of proportional representation.

The Color of Money

Asserts the new golden rule, that those with the gold make the rules, and proposes public financing to return democracy to the people.

Committee on Economic Development

Open "Campaign Finance Reform" under CED on the Issues, for the business angle on the topic.

Common Cause

Liberal group advocating reform of politics and the media.

Democracy 21

Campaign finance, money and elections, the FEC and enforcement.

League of Women Voters

Liberally inclined, but geared toward voter education and election reform.

National Voting Rights institute

Unabashedly liberal. Dedicated to getting money out of politics.

Public Campaign

Ostensibly practical answers to the issue of clean money and clean campaigns.

Vote Trust USA

The latest news on election and voting issues.

Voters For None Of The Above

Advocates the ballot option that "the voter may vote for the line "None of the Above; For a New Election" instead of for a candidate, indicating the voter is calling for a by-election with new candidates to fill the office. If "None of the Above; For a New Election" receives the most votes, no one is elected to that office and a follow-up by-election is held. Note that even candidates running unopposed must obtain voter consent to be elected." Interesting.