OOOParties & Candidates


Explanation of Page

Citizensource will cover the presidential candidates as they reveal themselves as 2012 approaches. For local candidates and issues, until we build our own page, you should check your local newspapers, available at Hometown News, especially around election time when they pass out their endorsements.


Those below are the majors and selected minors. More can be found at the political party page on Politics1. Be aware that all spread the truth that advantages themselves. If you really want to know what's going on, do your homework - and think.

Green Party Libertarian Party
Democratic National Committee Natural Law Party
ODemocratic Congressional Campaign Committee Reform Party
ODemocratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Republican National Committee
OCongressional Progresssive Caucus ONational Republican Congressional Committee
ODemocratic Leadership Council ONational Republican Senatorial Committee
IndependentVote* ORepublican Leadership Council

*Not a party, of course, and certainly not a movement, but one aspect of "none of the above".

If you want the easy way out, with a few simple answers to simple questions SelectSmart will tell you who your ideal candidate is; but the emphasis is on simple.