OOOMoney & Finance


OOOIn politics, money matters. Its influence is vast, and part of its power is its ability to remain hidden. Campaign contributors - people, organizations and businesses - would rather the public didn't know the particulars of "how much" and "to whom". True, they have to tell you, but they'll make its as difficult as possible to find out. As in all things, the citizen has to do the work. Start below.

Campaigns and Elections

C & E won't tell you where the money comes from, but being a site for campaign insiders, it might give you some impression of where it goes. In the same vein, see Political Resources On Line.

Campaign Finance Information Center

News about campaign finance issues, though much of the site is available only to members. The state campaign finance search is useful.

Campaign Finance Institute

Affiliated with George Washington University, this is a good source for both federal and state campign finance laws including the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act and the Supreme Court's McConnell v. FEC which upheld the law.

See the top 25 Senate candidates by contribution from both parties, a list of 527 organizations, poltical action committees (and their contributors) and contributions by zip code. Very good.

Center for Public Integrity

The CPI's investigations range from camapign money to lobbying, the workings and influence of special interests, and the state of financial disclosure.

Common Cause

Frankly, an advocacy organization for campaign finance reform. See its "Money and Politics" page.

Federal Election Commission

This is the original source for the money trail. It provides financial infrmation for incumbents and challengers for House and Senate districts throughout the country, as well as campaign finance reports and data, and applicable campaign finance laws. (Is it just us, or is this site much easier to use since the last election?)

Follow The Money: the Institute for Money in State Politics

Covers contributions by industry, by contributer, by legislative committee, or by interest group. Actually very thorough, but much of the data is sadly current only to 2008. More current articles and investigations on the home page.

Excellent data on all aspects of the interweaving of money and politics. Has a database of the revolving door between Washington and the private sector. Very thorough on the laws and the issues.

Political Money Line

Campaign finance news from Congressional Quarterly. Some areas are subscription only.