Unfortunately, it's almost always about the horserace; but once in a while you get lucky, and the media talk about something that matters.

MAINSTREAM NEWS OUTLETS: Links to internal political pages & sections. We will update as these media pages become available.

ABC News: Politics MSNBC: Politics
Boston Globe: Camapign 2008 MSNBC/NewsWeek: Politics
CBS: Politics National Public Radio: Election 2008
Chicago Tribune: Politics The New York Times: Politics
The Christian Science Monitor: Politics Newsweek: Politics
CNN: Politics PBS NewsHour: Vote 2008
Congressional Quarterly: Politics Reuters: Politics
C-Span: Road to the Whitehouse Time: U.S.
Fox News: Politics Slate: News & Politics
The Guardian: US Elections 2008 USA Today: Politics
The Hill: Campaign US News & World Report: Politics
The Los Angeles Times The Village Voice: News

Washington Post: Politics

Ballot Access News
What it says, though more extensive election-issue news than simple ballot access. You also have entree to its archives.
Campaigns and Elections
Excellent mainstream source of news, though much requires subscription.
D.C.'s Political Reports
A little bit, or a whole lot,of everything.
Local and national news geared toward election reform.
A digest of state and local news coverage.
The Green Papers
Yes, it's often hard to search through, and yes, it looks even older than we do; but it can be a source of many things, and it's always current.
The Hill
News from Congress. The print edition is by subscription; some online contect is free.
State news covering a wide spectrum of issues.
Political Insider
News? Blog? Newsblog? Interesting stuff, though.
The Politico
See immediately above.
Ron Gunzburger's site covers a lot of territory, but the front page keeps tabs on the latest in federal and state elections.
Politics Online
Focuses on the role of the internet on politics.
Pure Politics
There's nothing "pure" about....but nevermind - that isn't what they meant anyway. A respectable (maybe) omnibus (and we mean omnibus) political site. Visit, browse, remain skeptical.
Real Clear Politics
We're not sure about the real clear part (in fact we think the mere idea's a bit oxymoronic) but we like the site: a collection of political news from around the business and around the world. John McIntyre and Tom Bevan have put more work into a single idea than most of us will put into an entire lifetime.
Third Party News
Clicking here will indicate what happens to third parties, and those who talk about them.
Yahoo News: Elections