Here we simply offer a summary of where candidates stand on the issues of the day, brought to you by some who have a vested interest in those issues (they should know who's 'fer' and 'agin'), along with others more or less objective.

ABC News
Just ABC's political page for now. They normally offer a candidate's page nearer election time.
In addition to "union" concerns, the site also offers positions on globalization, health, education, corporate accountability and civil rights.
Arab American Institute
Contains voter guide. Excellent source for the Arab-American p.o.v. on the candidates and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
American-Israeli Coopertive Enterprise
Around election time AICE provides candidates' views on the Middle East.
Coalition to Stop Gun Violence
Their issues and campaigns page. See also the same from the National Rifle Association.
CNN: Politics
Along with the horse race, some issues.
Commission on Presidential Debates
Learn the candidates positions through transcripts of debates. For now, those of the last election.
Search by state and race, for candidate names, bios, positions and campaign contributers (a nice feature).
Council on Foreign Relations
For now, their issues page
League of Conservation Voters
Issues and elections. Normally rates candidates around election time.
Along the same lines as Public Agenda below, National Issues covers issues, not candidates. We like it for its inclusion of outside articles covering different sides of a particular subject. A very worthwhile place to start one's political education.
New York Times: Politics
Fornow, their political page.
On The Issues
"Every political leader on every issue." You'l find voting records, where applicable, on the issues, as well as ratings of politicians by interest organizations. OTI includes everyone down to the state level.
Political Communication Lab
From Stanford University. For now a series of very interestingdocuments on media, poltical attitudes and voting.
Project Vote Smart
A wide variety of issues for a wide variety of candidates.
Public Agenda
While it says nothing about the candidates, PA frames issues vary well. From its home page, go to Issue Guides, pick and issue, and begin with the Discussion Guides.
The "Boston Channel" provided a simple comparison of issues for 2004. We'll look again for 2012.