OOOA little history of past campaigns. Were we to focus on actual campaign activities from the birth of the Republic - and we should - we'd find that no matter how appalling modern campaigns can be, it's been worse, much worse.

Commission on Presidential Debates

Read transcripts of present and historical debates - and the public reaction to them.

Dave Leip's Atlas of U.S. Presidential Elections

All the way back to 1789. Includes both national and state maps, results for all the national parties, popular and electoral votes, voter turn-out, broken down by counties or congressional districts. Very impressive.

History Central United States Presidential Elections

Along with the usual statistics, it provides brief synopses of the issues involved in individual elections.

The Livingroom Candidate

A collection of campaign commercials dating to 1952 from the American Museum of the Moving Image.

The Green Papers

Mostly news and facts, but a few valuable forays into the history of parties and electioneering.

National Atlas

While the Department of the Interior's atlas covers a wide range of subjects, this link goes directly to its printable maps of presidential elections.

President Elect

The "Unofficial Homepage of the Electoral College", it is a defense of that institution (and a good source of articles on the topic) as well as a history of presidential elections.

U.S. Census Bureau: Voting and Registration

Some statistics going back to the '50s.

U.S. Elections

The omnibus quick-fact page from InfoPlease. Links to articles on some result pages.