OOOThe political debate over the media focuses on its supposed conservative or liberal bias. Our contribution to that debate is to leave the reader with these two web sites: The Media Research Center and Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting. We feel that even casual perusal of these two sites before reading anything below should clear up the matter completely.
OOOAlso, while we can't (or more truthfully, won't) supply you with links to local newspapers, others (more generous and enterprising than ourselves) do. Try HomeTownNews.
OOOFinally, no useful understanding of the media is quite complete without knowing who owns what; a fact fully outed by the Columbia Journalism Review.


The Christian Science Monitor
The New York Times [The New York Times Company]
Requires registration, but its on-line version is free.
The Los Angeles Times [The Tribune Company]
Requires registration, but its on-line version is free.
The Wall Street Journal
Unfortunately, you have to subscribe.
The Washington Post
USA Today
McPaper perhaps, but its readership creates it significance.


These are papers which provide national and international news coverage. The list is hardly exhaustive, but it was our intent to provide some regional diversity. Along with news, the editorial and opinion pages of these papers are also of interest. Overlapping corporate ownership is indicated where applicable.

Atlanta Journal Constitution Miami Herald [McClatchy]
Arizona Republic [Gannett] New Orleans Times-Picayune [Advance Publications]
Baltimore Sun [The Tribune Company] Omaha World Herald
Boston Globe [Boston Globe Media Partners] Orange County Register
Chicago Tribune [The Tribune Comapny] Orlando Sentinel [The Tribune Company]
Chicago Sun Times Portland Oregonian [Advance Publications]
Cleveland Plain Dealer [Advance Publications] Richmond Times-Dispatch [BH Media Group]
Dallas Morning News San Francisco Chronicle [Hearst]
Des Moines Register San Jose Mercury News [Digital First Media]
Denver Post [Digital First Media] Seattle Times
Detroit Free Press [Gannett] St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Detroit News [Gannett] Tampa Bay Times
Houston Chronicle [Hearst] Washington Times
Kansas City Star


Mostly left/liberal, and tending toward the arts and entertainment, a few delve into politics in interesting and refreshing ways. Beyond their unorthodox points of view, you will also find issues covered here which mainstream media either shorts or ignores. Those listed have demonstrated a more than local political focus. Be aware also that alternatives can be part of chains. For the alternative news on the alternative news: Association of Alternative Newsweeklies.

Ace Weekly
From Lexington, Ky. Browse the back issues.
Arkansas Times
Politically active with back articles' archive.
Austin Chronicle
Go to "Deep Focus" under "News".
The Boston Phoenix
Look under "Editorial" and "News and Features".
Charleston City Paper
Cinncinnati City Beat
City Newspaper
From Rochester, NY.
City Pages
Wry and amusing p.o.v. under "Twin Cities Babelogue".
Colorado Springs Independent
Dallas Observer
Part of New Times Media, look for Special Reports under "News".
Focus on Athens, Georgia; but a good model for camapign finance reportage.
Fort Worth Weekly
Hartford Advocate
One of a small chain (New Mass Media, Inc.) of alternative papers in the Northeast.
Honolulu Weekly
Try some "Happy Blogging".
Independent Weekly
From Durham, N.C..
LA Weekly
With the Village Voice and a few others, part of Village Voice Media.
Memphis Flyer
Look for "On the Fly" and "On the Wall".
Metro Santa Cruz
Detroit's alternative, part of the Shamrock Alternative Weeklies Group.

The Militant
Socialist, and proud of it.
New York Press
No political agenda, or so it says.
Oklahoma Gazette
Check the archives.
The Pitch
From Kansas City, part of New Times Media. Look under "Web Extras".
The Portland Phoenix
Portland, Maine; part of Phoenix Media Communications Group.
Rock City
LA alternative, anti-Bush, anti-war; end the Israeli holocaust. You get the idea.
San Antonio Current
Part of the Shamrock Alternative Weeklies Group.
Santa Barbara Independent
San Francisco Bay Guardian
Look for "Extra" near the bottom of the home page.
San Luis Obispo New Times
Santa Fe Reporter
Check the archived cover stories. Part of City of Roses Newspapers.
The Texas Observer
Alternative from the President's home state.
Tucson Weekly
Witty, irreverent; look under "Currents".
The Village Voice
The nation's first and largest.
The Washington City Paper
Media coverage of the nation's capital's newspapers. Part of Chicago Reader Inc.
Woodstock Journal
If for no other reason than articles by Andrei Codrescu.

U.S. News & World Report
The Economist
Must read more-than-economics British publication.

ABC: Important links are on the home page.
BBC: United Kingdom
World Service: Comprehensive coverage of world news.
World Edition: Comprehensive coverage of world news.
CBS: Important links are on the home page.
C-Span: More than just a news service - a must see compendium of resources.
CNN: Important links are on the home page.
Fox: Definate Conservative viewpoint. Important links are on the home page.
ITV: United Kingdom. Important links are on the home page.
NBC: Important links are on the home page.
MSNBC: Definate Liberal viewpoint. Important links are on the home page.
National Public Radio
All Things Considered: Two-hour afternoon edition of in-depth news and features.
The Diane Rehm Show: Two hours of current issues.
NPR Hourly News: Constantly updated.
Morning Edition: Two-hour early edition of in-depth news and features.
On the Media: Incisive weekly media overview.
Weekend Edition Saturday: One-hour afternoon edition of in-depth news and features.
Weekend Edition Sunday: One-hour afternoon edition of in-depth news and features.
Talk of the Nation: Two hours of current issues.
Public Broadcasting System
American Experience: Concentration on specific aspects and periods of American History.
American Masters: The individuals and organizations that have shaped American arts and culture.
American President: What it says.
Frontline: When the networks gave up documentaries, PBS took up the task. This is its formidable result.
Frontline World: The same documentation of world issues.
Newshour: An hour-long daily newscast; in depth, presentation of the issues of the day.
Now with Bill Moyers: An hour-long weekly covering major issues.
P.O.V.: Another documentary series. Films available on line or through NetFlix.
Religion and Ethics News Weekly: An hour-long weekly covering major issues.
Washington Week: Guide to capitol politics.
Wide Angle: Hour-long documentaries from independent, international film-makers.
Public Radio International
The World: Hour-long newscast of world news.
Market Place: Incisive take on all things economic, and beyond.

News Link
News papers from around the nation and the world.
Association of Alternative Newsweeklies
Go to "Publication Members" under AAN Directories.

Center for Media & Democracy
"The Center serves citizens, journalists and researchers seeking to recognize and combat manipulative and misleading PR practices."
Commercial Alert
"Protecting children and communities from commercialism."
Free Press
Mostly about the FCC and net neutrality these days.

Center for Media Literacy
Methods for critical thinking about the media.
Center for Public Integrity
Not all on the media, but covers topics as they arise.
Columbia Journalism Review
Not everything is available on line, but CJR offers interesting perspectives on what is.
Also see CJR's Who Owns What which focuses on media ownership and consolidation.
Stylish. They just might be right.
Not directly about the media, but the truth about what you hear on it. From the Annenberg Public Policy Center.
The home page for both the Project for Excellence in Journalism and the Committee for Concerned Journalists. You'll find contemporary issues in journalism and the press, tools for citizens, students and journalists, and a wealth of related links.
Media Channel
Analysis of media and its coverage of major issues from an intelligent, but decidedly Liberal point of view.
Media Education Foundation
Left/Liberal media analysis.
On the Media
Incisive, intelligent and irreverent. Would all things were like it.
Pew Research Center for People and the Press
Constant analysis of the media and its audience. Polling data includes public attitutes toward major issues.
Like FactCheck, not directly about the media, but the truth about what you hear on it. From the Tampa Bay Times.
Exegeses and theory. Interesting.

Center for Media Literacy
Methods for critical thinking about the media. Good childrens' education section.
Commercial Alert
"Protecting children and communities from commercialism."
Media Awareness Network
Canadian site that explores both the effect of media on children and its portrayal of youth as well.
National Institute on Media & the Family
Go to "Facts and Tips" and "Research".

The History Buff
Devoted to media coverage throughout American history, including a small collection of vintage newspaper scans.
I Want Media
The news about the news, and plenty of it.
Society of Professional Jounalists Code of Ethics
The most recent version.