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OOOThe pros and cons of environmental issues do not always neatly match up. Put simply, no one is "anti-environment", though many, by opposing the aims of environmentalism, are anti-environmentalist. The debate usually comes down to how the environment and its resources are used, why they are used, who is allowed to use them, and who makes that decision. Thus, the concern for habitat, wildlife and the quality of air and water can easily run up against private property rights, economic efficiency and resistance to government regulation. This divergence of goals sometimes makes the debate seem intractable. Progress comes only with mutual respect.


Environmentalism Anti-Environmentalist
Earth First!
Environmental & Social Issues
Friends of the Earth
Green Peace
Izaak Walton League of America
League of Conservation Voters
Natural Resources Defense Council
Sierra Club
Worldwatch Institute

Ayn Rand Institute: Environmentalism
Cato Institute: Natural Resources & Environmental Studies
Science & Environmental Policy Project

National Library for the Enviromment
OOOLists Congressional Research Service reports on the environment. CRS reports are non-partisan research papers prepared by the Libravy of Congress for the use of members of Congress.


Requires Regulatory Remediation No Risk or Manageable without Regulation
American Lung Association: Air Quality
American Rivers
Clean Air Campaign
Clean Water Action
Clean Water Network
Coalition for Clean Air

How Stuff Works: How Ozone Pollution Works


A Danger Non-Existent, Irrelevant or Beneficial
Climate Ark
Climate Institute
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
Pew Center on Global Climate Change
Union of Concerned Scientists: Global Warming
U.S. PIRG: Global Warming
World Wildlife Fund Climate Change Program
Woods Hole Research Center: Warming of the Earth

American Petroleum Institute: Global Climate
Competitive Enterprise Institute: Global Warming
Petition Project: Environmental Effects of Increased CO2
Reason Public Policy Institute: The Science of Climate Change

Almanac of Policy Issues: Global Warming
OOOSynopsis and links. Check the archive, scroll down to Environment.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administratrion: Global Warming
OOOHighly-respected NOAA data must be tempered with an awareness of the current administration's highly skepticalapproach to global warming and climate change.

New Scientist: Climate Change
OOONews and articles on the subject, plus interesting information under "Background and Guides to the Main Issues".

U.S. Global Change Research Information Office
OOOGovernmental research on climate change. Not an easy site to navigate. Current documents stress the need for further research and outline research proposals. Older documents appear far more definitive. This might reflect different approaches to the question of climate change taken by two different presidential administrations.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: Global Warming
OOOUser-friendly page providing data and covering many aspects of the issue. The name is now "Climate Change" reflecting the current political environment.


Environmentalist Anti-Environmentalist
Defenders of Wildlife
Global Issues: Biodiversity
Sierra Club: Species & Habitat
National Wildlife Federation
World Resources Institute: Biodiversity
World Wildlife Fund: Endangered Species Programme

OOOLists of species by state with links and some discussion of issues.

International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources Red List
OOOExtensive lists of endangered species and their status.

United Nations Environmental Programme/World Conservation Monitoring Centre
OOOSpecies database by country.

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service: Endangered Species Program


OOOThough we do not usually take issue with issues, it should be pointed out that while some consider Enviro-captalism a new approach to environmental issues, others consider it no approach at all. In other words, do Enviro-capitalism and traditional environmentalism simply represent two different means to the same end, or are the perspective goals of the two movements demonstratively, and perhaps irreconcilably, different?
OOOYou decide.

Pro Anti
Cato Institute: Natural Resources & Environment
Center for Free Market Environmentalism
Competitive Enterprise Institute: Environment
Heartland Institute: Environment
New Environmentalism
The Thoreau Institute


OOODeep Ecology might be considered the antithesis of Enviro-capitalism. While the latter seeks to define, and preserve, the environment solely in terms of its market value to humans and its efficient use, Deep Ecology rejects the idea of treating the enviroment as a commodity at all. It admits the use of nature and natural resources for vital interests only, i.e., for food clothing and shelter, and anything beyond that anthropocentric and illegitimate.

Pro Con
Ecospheric Ethics
Foundation for Deep Ecology
Institute for Deep Ecology

The Green Fuse: Deep Ecology Critique


Environmentalist Anti-Environmentalist
American Rivers
Center for Biological Diversity: Deserts
Forest Conservation Portal
Living Rivers
National Public Lands Grazing Campaign
The Nature Conservancy
The Wilderness Society

Blue Ribbon Coalition
Property Rights Research

Cattle Grazing on Public Lands
OOOObjective discussion from quirky web site, The Beckoning.

Cato Institute: Beyond the Grazing Fee, An Agenda for Rangeland Reform
OOO1995 paper offering a conservative alternative to the status quo.

CRS Report for Congress: The Property Rights Issue
OOOIntelligent discussion from the Congressional Research Service.