Economics: MEDIA


$ indicates that subscription is necessary.

ABC News: Money Scope
Business news and features. Perhaps a bit more broadly focused than the other networks.
$ Barron's
Mostly market and investment oriented.
News & commentary on business and the economy.
Brave New Work World New Work News
Life and work in the revolutionary new world economy...or so it says.
Business Daily
From the World News Network, business news source global business media.
News & commentary on business and the economy.
CBS: Marketwatch
Business and market news with an occasional segue into personal finance and larger economic issues.
CNBC: Business
Business and the markets plus headlines from BusinessWeek and the Financial Times.
CNN Money: Economy
CNN's colaboration with Money and Fortune magazines presents the economy in the headlines plus a synopsis of indicators and what they mean. CNN/M is valuable for its frequent analysis of breaking economic news as well as its somewhat rudimentary "Money 101", a 23-step tutorial on putting your financial house together.
Corporate Crime Reporter
If you're trying to find out who did what and what they got for it, CCR is ideal.
The Economist
the British standard on economics, business and politics, the Economist is a flat-out news magazine, and a good one, too. There is more of the world here than in most U.S. media sources, plus a wealth of in-depth, investigative articles. Those of you stuck on an economic term should consult its "Economics A-Z" (the latter pronounced "zed", of course). Premium content available only by subscription.
The Financial Times
US edition of British financial flagship. About half of FT is available only by subscription.
Business and the markets, a little executive lifestyle and lists, lots of lists.
The International Monetary Fund
The IMF provides information on long-term economic trends and issues along with individual country reports.
The New York Times: Business
Business and the markets.
PBS NewsHour
Backround reports on: Budget, Business, Economy, Medicare, Social Security and Welfare.
USA Today: Money
Business and the markets, money and research.
Washington Post: U.S. Economy
Latest news on national economic issues.
World Trade Organization
Not exactly a media source (in fact, you have to subscribe to its journal, World Trade Revierw), but there is plenty of current news on its front page and internal links. The site also provides links to the WTO's official and legal documents.
Yahoo News: U.S. Economy
A small compendium of news stories from other sourcesNews and links.